Set the Stage

for Change.

Are you looking for a speaker who doesn’t just present, but captivates? Someone whose words linger long after the applause? Michelle from Nutrish Mish is not your typical nutritionist; she’s a whirlwind of energy and expertise that transforms every talk into an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Michelle?

With Michelle, it's more than a message; its' an energy transfer.

Her enthusiasm for health and nutrition is infectious, leaving your audience not just informed, but energized and ready to make positive changes.

Michelle's background in performing arts and passion for her work give her a captivating stage presence. Her presentations are more than speeches; they engage and resonate with the audience.

Versatility at Its Best.

Michelle's expertise in nutrition is matched by her versatility. She effortlessly transitions from podcast guest to corporate wellness seminar leader, to a compelling keynote speaker in large auditoriums. Her dynamic approach is effective for events of any size.

Impact That Lasts.

Michelle's advice leads to lasting change. Her practical, innovative tips integrate seamlessly into everyday life. Her audiences gain not just inspiration but sustainable nutrition insights that stick. Years later, many still reach out to share their lasting success stories.

What clients are saying:

The biggest transformation I have seen is my attitude toward food. I consider nutritional information when choosing meals. My blood sugar levels have decreased. My doctor is very pleased

Liz D

Magnetic Energy.

Book Michelle for your next event and secure a speaker who:



With engaging stories and insightful wisdom, Michelle transforms each topic into an interactive dialogue.



Audience members walk away with valuable, science-backed nutrition knowledge.



Michelle’s passion for practical, sustainable lifestyle changes is truly motivating.



She believes learning should be fun, and her talks are always a delight.

Let’s Connect.

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