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Our Signature NM Roadmap Session

Whether you have tried one diet, all the diets, or this is the first time you’re trying to change your eating habits, one thing is for sure- Nutrition is NOT one size fits all. If you have lost weight- gained it back, or can’t lose weight at all, the problem isn’t you- it was the program you were following. This 40 minute 1:1 session will uncover your unique eating style so you will know exactly what will- and will not work for you.

40-Minutes to Clarity:

This is where it all starts!

What do nutrition, religion, and politics all have in common? Everyone thinks their way is the be-all-end-all, when in fact there are many “right” ways to eat- we just have to find the right answer for you! During this 1:1 session we will take you through our proven framework that will show even the most seasoned individuals a path to loose the weight, keep it off and change your eating habits for good.              

(and if you’re thinking- “they can’t help me”, this is especially for you!)

Your Personalized Roadmap Includes:

Your Nutrition Strengths

Uncover what you’re already
doing right. Knowing your strengths gives
you a powerful starting point.

Energy-Directed Actions

Learn where to focus your energy. We’ll identify which areas of nutrition need your attention so you can make meaningful progress.

Sustainable Change Strategies

Change can be daunting, but we’re here to show you how to make nutrition changes that last. Plus, we’ll pinpoint exactly what those initial changes should be.

Clear Next Steps

Leave with a sense of direction. We’ll outline your immediate next steps and how, together, we can walk the path to your goals.

Designing Your Roadmap

Our Framework That has Started Thousands of People on Their Journey

Step 1: What is Your Eating Style?
Weight isn’t the problem- it is the symptom. Finding an eating style that will work for you starts with our QQES analysis. This will tell us what nutrition philosophies will work for you, and which ones will not. You will only see results that last, if you are addressing the correct problems. For example, if you are an emotional eater- calorie restriction probably isn’t the answer for long term results.

Step 2: Can You Eat This Way Forever?
If you try to lose weight by cutting out carbs, unless you can do it forever, you are going to gain the weight back. Ensuring you can do it forever means showing you how to work in the fun stuff, still eat out, drink, we need to make the program conducive to your lifestyle, not the other way around. 

Step 3: Do You Like Eating This Way?
Are you enjoying the process? Most people following a diet would say, not really! We show you how to make the process, dare we say it, enjoyable? When you’re not beating yourself up, stressing about the scale, weighing and measuring everything, AND seeing results, the process becomes a lot more fun, we will show you how.


Ready to Take the First Step?

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What clients are saying:

 I see my food as fuel now, not just something I haphazardly stuff into my mouth whenever I feel like it. I have taken control of what I eat. My food no longer controls me”

Mary C