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CEO & Founder


Struggling with dieting since 16, I was no stranger to the frustrations of weight loss, a cycle familiar from watching my dad's lifelong battle with Weight Watchers. At college, I turned my focus to nutrition, determined to find a solution. By 19, I was a nutritional counselor, blending dietary advice with psychological insights into habit change. This unique approach led to the birth of Nutrish Mish at 23, starting in a gym locker room and evolving into multiple offices and a vast online community. Our passionate team has empowered thousands to sustainably lose weight and develop healthy relationships with food. Even my dad, initially skeptical, joined and successfully maintained his weight loss. Nutrish Mish isn't just a program; it's a testament to the power of a holistic approach to nutrition.


Nutritionista since 2010


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Richael, a Nutrish Mish Nutritionista for 8 years with a Master's in Clinical Nutrition, combines exercise science with enjoyable, non-restrictive weight loss methods. Known for her engaging workouts in our Facebook group and innovative kitchen experiments, she loves peanut butter, Peloton, and creating delicious protein shake recipes. Richael champions balance and positivity, believing in a guilt-free approach to indulging and encouraging clients to celebrate their journey's positive aspects.

Nutritionista since 2010


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Kim's journey through diet culture inspired her study of psychology and nutrition. She believes in a balanced approach to health that nurtures both mind and body, emphasizing nutrition without stress or mental health compromise. Kim aims to help clients enjoy food guilt-free, achieving their goals while indulging in her passions for hiking, yoga, baking, travel, and family time.

Nutritionista since 2010


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Danielle, once entrenched in failed diets and the beauty industry, shifted her focus to mental and physical health. Intrigued by her clients' health talks, she pursued psychology studies, only to discover a deep passion for the psychology of nutrition. This revelation led her to switch to nutrition, marking a pivotal, fulfilling change.

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