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The Last Time You Start Again.

Nutrition is not

one size fits ALL!

Each of our programs is designed to find and implement an eating style that is going to work for you, for the rest of your life (and has been tested on thousands before you). So whether your goal is weight loss, or to feel better, the results are going to stick. Let’s find your perfect fit.


1:1, 40 min session is the perfect place to start for newbies with Nutrish Mish.

If this sounds like you:
  • Newbie to Nutrish Mish
  • If you aren’t sure why you’re not losing weight
  • If you struggle to stay on programs

Eat Right, Live Right

Our signature program that has helped over 10,000 people change their eating habits for good, lose weight, & keep it off.

If this sounds like you:
  • You like to work 1:1 with someone for accountability & coaching
  • You have tried other programs in the past but never had long term success
  • You want to learn how to eat and still be able to live your life

Mish Membership

Our Self-paced version of Eat Right, Live Right which includes a weekly group component with Michelle herself!

If this sounds like you:
  • You like working at your own pace
  • You like a group atmosphere
  • You want a more affordable option

Weight Control Blueprint

A special program done only 3 times a year that completely transforms people’s relationship with food.

If this sounds like you:
  • You are a chronic dieter
  • You are an emotional eater
  • You feel like food controls you instead of the other way around
  • Food or weight has been a lifelong problem

Not sure where to start? Try Roadmap.

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What clients are saying:

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I see my food as fuel now, not just something I haphazardly stuff into my mouth whenever I feel like it. I have taken control of what I eat. My food no longer controls me"

Mary C