Never. Diet. Again.

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The personalized nutrition & weight loss program you have been dreaming of.

Problem. Solution.

How many people who lose weight on a diet actually keep it off?

If you said 5%, that was a great guess.
(But most people don’t realize that!)

We want to look and feel our best, but who wants to give up pizza, become obsessed with the scale, or commit to only the veggie platter at a party? We are told we have to cut out carbs, cut out fat, count our macros, go plant based, intermitted fast, it’s always the next best thing for as long as you can do it, but then when you can’t anymore, you gain it back. While all of these methods technically “work” meaning you might lose weight, if you find it again (like 95% of people do), what’s the point?

Nutrish Mish has been quietly disrupting the diet industry for over a decade, making the process of losing weight easy, and dare we say it- fun! We will teach you how to work things in, not cut them out, develop a healthy relationship with food, and find an eating style that works for you. Our proven framework has been tweaked and perfected with thousands of people, with over 80% long term success rate.

Feature In:

Why It Works.

How do we know it’s going to work? All of our programs are based on 3 things:

Is the way you’re eating an improvement from what your body is used to?

Nutrition is not one size fits all! What works for one person won’t work for another i.e. intermitted fasting vs. 6 small meals or low fat vs. low carb. While we don’t recommend any of these, we need to make sure we identify your personal eating type so you’re going to see results!

Can you do this for the rest of your life?

This means real food only, and doing this with real life stuff going on like holidays, parties, weekends, etc…

Do you enjoy eating this way?

If you like it, you are likely to want to continue forever. This means only eating foods you like, not feeling restricted, guilty, or obsessed with the scale. We will show you how.

If you think of programs you have tried in the past, if you gained the weight back, likely one was missing!

Not sure where to start? Try Roadmap.


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Eat Right, Live Right

 Teaches sustainable, personalized eating habits for enjoyment, health, and long-term success.

Weight Control Blueprint

Personalized, sustainable approach to weight control, moving away from fad diets towards lasting health.

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While we never push our products, we offer them as a valuable addition for those seeking an extra edge in their wellness journey. Each product in our collection is there because we know exactly what goes into it, allowing us to vouch for its quality and benefits.

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Eat Right, Live Right Program

Our proven framework masterfully combines the science of nutrition, and the art of eating, so soon, eating right will come just as naturally to you as showering, or brushing your teeth.

What clients are saying:

 I see my food as fuel now, not just something I haphazardly stuff into my mouth whenever I feel like it. I have taken control of what I eat. My food no longer controls me”

Mary C