We've used our creativity to create these lightened up versions of classic cocktails, boosted with our one-of-a-kind NutrishMix supplements. You'll find cocktails that use our NutrishMix Cleanse, Energy, Vitality, Immunity, and Vanilla whey. Refreshing, pretty, and with a nutritious kick, now you can have your cocktails and your health in the same glass. Let us know which one is your favorite!

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Berry Daquiri

makes 1 serving-1.5oz rum-1 scoop NM Vitality-8oz Strawberry Polar seltzer-handful of ice-5 frozen strawberriesBlend all ingredients in a blender!

Frozé Rosé

makes 4 servings-half bottole of Rose wine (2 cups)-1 cup Rose Polar seltzer-1 scoop NM Energy-handful of icecombine all ingredients in a blender and blend!

Fizzy Appletini

makes 1 serving-1.5oz Apple Vodka (Pinnacle or any variety)-1 tsp NM Cleanse-4oz Granny Smith Apple Polar seltzerstir well, optional: add in chopped green apple

Cucumber Craze

makes 1 serving-8oz lime seltzer-1oz cucumber vodka-squeeze of lemonpour over ice and stir

Power Pina Colada

makes 1 serving-1.5 oz rum-1/2 scoop NM Vanilla whey-1/2 frozen banana-1 cup frozen pineapple-1 cup unsweetened coconut milk-1/2 tsp coconut extract OR 2 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconutBlend all ingredients in a blender.

Vitality Sangria

makes 4 servings-3 cups sangria wine-2 scoops NM Vitality-2 cups seltzer of choice-handful of each: pitted black cherries, raspberries, blackberries-1 apple cut up-1 orange cut up

NM Mimosa

makes 1 servingSimply add 1 tsp NM Immunity to champagne in a flute glass and mix well!


Remember to drink responsibly! 🙂