What We Do

We are so happy you have joined the Nutrish Mish family, trust us, you are in good hands! When thinking or speaking about food, 2 things are certain.

  1. Eating is a habit.
  2. Eating is complicated.

Nutrish Mish is a system that enables you to control what you eat by teaching you why you eat. Controlling what you look like and how you feel is not simple. It takes patience and practice and team work. Nutrish Mish is so much more then losing weight, it is about creating a better life.

Most people come to us to lose weight, and make no mistake, we are experts at losing weight, and keeping it off, but our process is more about enabling you to create healthier habits in general for you and those around you.

Traditional diet control fails because we have been taught to judge success by how much weight was lost. Nutrish Mish identifies the habits that are keeping you unhealthy and gives you the power to replace them.

Generally speaking, we have an idea of how we should be eating but unfortunately, we eat the way we do because its habit. Together we are going to master and replace your habit with new better and healthier ones. We are going to identify the why and what’s in it for you. These are the benefits you will see which will motivate you to make a change. Our goal for you at the end of this program is that you have healthy eating habits that don't require much thought or effort- just like brushing your teeth or showering.

To start, we will get some baseline information and measurements so we have a way of measuring success and see how your body reacts to different changes.

How We Do It:

Habit: Cue --> Habit --> Reward
When you get in your car to drive it, you don’t have to think about each individual step, you just drive. Now, imagine we put you in a car with a stick shift…uhhh…now you have to think about what to do! This is how changing your eating habits will work. Right now, you don’t think about what you eat, you just eat. In the beginning it will take some conscious thought to make these changes. The first time you drive that stick shift, how is it going to go? Probably not great, but now you know what to expect. The more you practice the easier it gets!

There are several foundational habits that are essential for health and weight loss. There are many habits we can change, the ones we identify today will be the easiest to change with the biggest results.  By replacing these habits, you will start to feel more energetic, and control your weight. These habits will serve as a foundation to allow you to master skills that are a bit more difficult. In order to determine which foundational skills you need to work on this week, we need to get an idea of what a typical eating day looks like….