Congratulations to this beautiful lady, Marissa Rodriguez! She has made some AMAZING physical and mental changes. Check out what she has to say:


How long have you been coming to Nutrish Mish? What made you start?

I have been coming to Nutrish Mish since September of 2018. I always felt I was on a “diet” and despite being very active, I was not seeing the results I wanted to see.  I knew I had to change my eating habits or have healthier eating habits and a healthier relationship with food.  My mom was a member prior to me starting, and she was seeing such great results.  I saw her mindset change, weight being lost, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of that.  In addition, Michelle came to my kickboxing studio to give us a talk, and I remember her positivity and strong knowledge base about nutrition.  Having her educate us a bit on nutrition was helpful in motivating me to join. 

What has been the biggest transformation you have seen in yourself?

I think the biggest transformation I have made is in my mind set.  I have always had a struggle with body image.  I also have had issues with feeling restricted on a “diet” which led me to over eating or feeling like I couldn’t have something because in my head I deemed it unhealthy or “too high calorie” or “too much fat”.  Yet, on Nutrish Mish, I am eating things I would have never eaten in the past and that I really LOVE (Hello, peanut butter!) I also am in the best shape of my life right now (and I am going to be 40 this year AAAHHH).  I have consistently worked out 4-5 days a week at my local kickboxing studio for 2 ½ years.  I have increased my time working out to 5-7 days a week.  I am not only physically in shape, but mentally my mindset is more positive. I don’t “punish” myself for eating certain foods.  I try to feel good about the decisions I make and move on.  Having a healthy relationship with food has really changed my life!

What made this time different then other times you have tried to get healthier or lose weight?

I think this time my Nutrionista has worked with me not only on understanding what I’m putting in my body food wise, but also mentally how I can change my mind set about food decisions.  She is someone who understands everything I may feel on a given week whether it be a “bad day” mentally or just feeling like I wasn’t in control of my food decisions.  She consistently motivates me and is my cheering squad!  She has helped me achieve a 15 pound weight loss, gained muscle mass, lost body fat and most importantly, have a positive relationship with food! (Major shout out to Kim!)

What advice would you have for someone just starting with Nutrish Mish?

Track everything!  Even if you feel guilty about a food choice—the good thing about Nutrish Mish is that you should NEVER feel guilty about a food choice! I never had that relationship with food choices before.  I think it’s important also to remember that reaching your goals is an uphill climb, but some weeks you may take 2 steps back, but the following week you’ll take 4 steps forward.  I keep a mental note of this on a regular basis.  This helps me stay focused on my health and fitness goals. 

Favorite NM Recipe/Product?

Favorite NM Recipes are:  NM Reese’s Smoothie and NM Pina Colada Smoothie (TIE)  and the chick pea burgers and turkey/feta burgers!

Anything else you would like to add:

Thank you, Kim and Michelle.  I honestly can say that joining Nutrish Mish has been life changing! I am so thankful to Kim for having so much experience and knowledge about nutrition and eating disorders.  She always understands me and motivates me and educates me on a weekly basis.  I could not be where I am today without her.  I am so grateful for the changes I have made mentally and physically.