When trying to keep on top of health and weight goals, summer is by far the most difficult time of year! Something is going on every single weekend and it can be hard to feel like we're "on track". First piece of advice: ditch the all or nothing mindset. What's important is whatever you are doing most of the time. If most of the time you are eating clean & mindfully, then weekends/parties/etc, you can enjoy yourself and continue working towards your goals. Here are some tips for enjoying the summer while still making progress on your goals:


1. Save indulgences for weekends & social events

Forget the holidays, summer is probably the hardest time of year to eat healthy because of all the parties every.single.weekend!!! The trick to this though is to let yourself enjoy the parties, and then stress about what you’re going to eat the other days of the week. Stressing over the parties and depriving yourself will do nothing positive for you and only keep you in the dieting merry-go-round. Stay on track during your normal days, and don’t stress so much about the social events: just aim to handle them better than you might normally if you don’t want to go crazy.

2. Get your workout out of the way in the morning

Scheduling in time to workout in the summer is tricky. Not only are more things going on in the daytime/evening, but the heat can tire us out earlier. The longer you push off your workout, the less likely it is to happen. So if this sounds like your problem, do it first thing in the morning! Also: take advantage of the nicer weather to get your workout in. Go hiking, swimming, rock climbing. Tons of outdoor activities to do in the summer to keep it fun so it doesn't feel like work.


3. Drink wisely!

The alcohol is flowin in the summer and it can get a little out of hand. Between brunching, day drinking, and night drinking, those empty calories can seriously add up!

Think about this: if you are going to have just one drink just to have it…it’s kind of like just drinking a really bad tasting soda. Not worth it! If you are drinking to have a good time, the goal is to get from point A to point B in the fewest amount of calories.

Regular / IPA beer: 200cal

Light Beer (12oz) = 100-120 calories

Very Light Beer (Michelob Ultra/Bud Select) = 50-60 calories

5oz wine= 120 cal

8oz wine = 190 cal

Vodka Cranberry =  166 cal

Vodka Seltzer = 65cal

Liquid calories can add up fast if you are not being mindful!
You can also mix up some healthy cocktails !! Details here.

4. Use your grill !

The grill isn’t just for burgers and hot dogs. It’s the crock pot of the summer. When you have your grill on, grill extra protein and vegetables to have for meals for the week. Super easy and no cookware involved.

5. Contribute a healthy dish to parties

If you bring something healthy, you will have more of an option over what you eat at the party. Snacks/appetizers are usually what gets us at barbecues between the chips and dip. Try bringing a veggie platter or cocktail shrimp to keep yourself sane during the social snacking. If you are really craving the chips and dip, let yourself have some, but put it on a plate rather than picking from the table, that way you still get to enjoy it without going overboard!

6. Hit up some farmers markets

Take advantage of the fresh produce this time of year. Farmer’s markets provide a fun experience with healthy food, and chances are you will be more excited to take the stuff home and create yummy recipe with it.