Accelerated: Six month in-depth counseling sessions designed for those who are serious about changing their eating habits

  • In office session up to four times a month
  • Tablet with Nutritstant included
  • AT Food Service included

Performance: In office Sessions Up to Once Per Week

  • 1 month (2 months to complete)
  • 2 month (3 months to complete)
  • 3 month (4 months to complete)

Maintenance: In office sessions to use as needed

  • 4 pack, 8 pack, and 12 pack of sessions
  • For those who have solid habits and want to have the ability to check in whenever they like
  • Never expire


  • For those who are unable to meet in office, or live out of town
  • 1x week virtual meeting
  • Tablet with Nutristant
  • AT Food Services included

We also do Speaking Engagements, Corporate Wellness, and Bridal Parties