How our Appointments Work
Our goal is to create nutrition habits for results that last a lifetime, here is how we do it: 

  • You will be assigned a nutritionista who is an expert at guiding people through our program. She will be able to anticipate your needs, hold you accountable, and help you navigate roadblocks
  • You will have weekly appointments in office or virtually
  • We will do a full body composition analysis. This allows us to ensure you are losing pure body fat, and means you never have to worry about what you are wearing or if you ate before you come in 
  • We will build habits progressively, troubleshoot challenges, get new meal ideas, & plan for the week
  • Nutrition education which will allow you to understand how to stop cravings, hunger, and always know the latest in nutrition 
  • You will have access to Nutristant. Our software system that drip feeds you the information given to you during your session so you can access and review it on your time
  • Become part of our community of thousands

First Appointment (new members only): $19
Nutrish Mish

1 Month Performance Sessions (4 sessions to be used within 6 weeks): $129
Nutrish Mish

2 Months Performance Sessions (8 sessions to be used within 12 weeks): $229
Nutrish Mish

3 Months Performance Sessions (12 sessions to be used within 16 weeks): $329
Nutrish Mish

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