Meal Plan Structure Format:For more information on these topics, scan the correlating card with a QR Scanner App you can download on your phone!

(checkbox) Breakfast - Rise and Dine

(checkbox) Water- Sip Yourself Slim

(checkbox) Lunch- Calorie is Energy

(checkbox) Snack- Avoid Bread Basket Feeling

(checkbox) Dinner- Combine Your Carbs

(checkbox) Dessert - Indulgent Allowance

(checkbox) Supplements- Savvy about Supps

Our system for changing your eating habits has helped thousands of people get-and stay-healthy. This is how it works:

  • Come EVERY Week- This is a Partnership- old habits die hard. If you can't make your appointment, we offer Skype, FaceTime or Phone appointments. This is especially important if things get stressful!
  • There are no "bad" weeks: There are good weeks, and there are learning weeks. Focus on what happened the majority of the week, not the one instance you went out to dinner. If you had 1/7 tough days, that is no where near the majority! Your nutritionista is trained to problem solve and plug holes. If you had challenges this week, your nutritionista will give you strategies to handle it differently when that same problem occurs again. Your attitude should go from, “I had a tough week, I don’t want to go to my appointment” to “I had a tough week, I have to go to my appointment!”
  • Improve, don't Perfect-Changing your eating habits is a process, it doesn't have to be perfect in order for you to see results, it just has to be better! If someone was eating 15 cheeseburgers a week, and now they are eating 10- not ideal- but they are going to see results this week.
  • Food is Either Fuel or Fun- If it isn't nutritious or social, it doesn't fit
  • Choose Foods You Like- People who lose weight and keep it off love their healthy foods as much as they love their unhealthy ones. If you don't love it, don't eat it. If the food you are eating isn't satisfying, you will never want to eat this way for the rest of your life.
  • Stay Away From Diet Foods- If you ever wander into the diet food section of the grocery store, it is almost never the fit and healthy person buying the diet foods, it is almost always the person perpetually trying to lose weight. Your body has no idea how to process those chemicals. Stay away.
  • You Do Have The Time- You may feel as though you don't have time to grocery shop, meal prep, exercise, etc...but when you feel you don't have time, that actually means it just isn't part of your routine yet. If showering wasn't absolutely mandatory, you would think, "Who has a half hour everyday to shower??" But it is, so we make the time, and you just do it without thinking. Eventually your eating habits will be on the same level of autonomy.
  • Understand How Weight Factors in- 1-2 lbs of fat loss a week is a big deal. Anything more then that is likely to be muscle or water, which we do not want you to lose
  • Bring Your Binder-Each week we are going to add new content to your binder that builds on the week before it. Make sure you come prepared to your appointments each week
  • Fill Out Your Food Journal In Real Time- This is a secret to success. In order to create new eating habits, you need to be reminded you are trying to change them. Writing down your food is a constant reminder of the change you are making, and gives your nutritionista the tools to give you more accurate advice for the upcoming week. You must be 100% honest- trust me we have seen worse!
  • Join Nutrish Mish VIP on Facebook-We have an amazingly supportive group on Facebook where people post ideas, what they are eating, and participate in monthly challenges. Search for Nutrish Mish VIP on Facebook and request to join the group!