"Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine"
- Hippocrates

Inflammation in our bodies can cause pain. And whether it is acute or chronic, what you eat can have an impact on your symptoms. Inflammation is a defense mechanism designed to protect out bodies from injury, but sometimes, it hurts! This can be as simple as soreness after an intense workout, to as complex as an autoimmune disease like Fibromyalgia. While none of these food suggestions are specifically designed to take pain away, reducing the amount of inflammatory foods in your diet, and increasing the amount of anti inflammatory foods can have a profound effect on symptoms.

Keep this list handy of foods that can reduce symptoms of inflammation and foods that exacerbate them

Anti Inflammatory Foods- high in healthy omega-3 fats, fiber or antioxidants

- Olive oil
-Fruits  (especially berries, apples, and tart cherry extract)
-Veggies (especially broccoli, dark leafy greens, and onions)
-Whole Grains

Inflammatory Foods
- Anything highly processed (in a box/long list of ingredients)
-White flour/white flour products
- Sugar
- Saturated Fats (fats of animal origin)

While we aren't suggesting eliminating all inflammatory foods from your diet, (although we would love it if you did), as long as the majority of the foods you eat are anti inflammatory, you will experience the benefits associated with them such as pain management. Lifestyle factors such as not smoking, exercising also help to reduce inflammation and their symptoms

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