In Office Visits

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Our In Office Visits are designed to give you total control over your food. We will give you the ideas, tips, and education to have long term success with health, weight loss, and general nutrition.
During Your Visits You Will Receive:
- A Full Body Composition Analysis To Establish Realistic, Personal Goals
- Flexible Meal Plans Based on Your Own Lifestyle, Body Type, and Food Preference
- Nutrition Education- You Will Learn How To Stop Cravings, Hunger, and Always Know The Latest In Nutrition
- Weekly Diet Analysis
- Recipes
- Support Throughout the Week Via Text/Email/ Phone
Individual Session: $69
Nutrish Mish

4 Pack (to be used within 6 weeks): $129
Nutrish Mish

8 Pack (to be used within 12 weeks): $229
Nutrish Mish

12 Pack (to be used within 16 weeks): $329
Nutrish Mish

Cancelation Policy:
Must provide 24 hours notice for cancelation. 12 packs must be completed in 14 weeks and 8 packs must be completed in 10 weeks and 4 packs must be completed in 6 weeks.