How long have you been coming to Nutrish Mish? What made you start?

I started the First week of July. 

I was tired of being tired, yoyo dieting and not knowing what to do to break the cycle. 


What has been the biggest transformation you have seen in yourself? 

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis (an autoimmune thyroid condition) subsequently I have had a nodule on my thyroid for the past ten years. I had my annual sonogram to check the size of the nodule last week and my endocrinologist could not find it!! It is gone. I have no doubt that clean eating has something to do with the 10 year old nodule disappearing.

What made this time different then other times you have tried to get healthier or lose weight?

I am truly never hungry, I am eating fresh, whole foods, no more processed junk or artificial sweeteners. In the past I would lose weight from cutting calories, this time it is because of proper nutrition. 


What advice would you have for someone just starting with Nutrish Mish?

Listen to your nutritionist. They are guiding you in the right direction. I told Michelle I want a bracelet that says WWMD (what would Michelle do)😁just for the times when I'm not sure which is the better food option.


Favorite NM Recipe/Product?

Pizza Quinoa bites


Anything else you would like to add:

This is a lifelong battle for me and 

I'm grateful to have found someone to help me put the puzzle pieces together.