Congrats to our Transformation Tuesday star, Jake!

How long have you been coming to Nutrish Mish? What made you start? 

I’ve been coming to Nutrish Mish for almost 5 years and I
started because I wanted to put a permanent end to my poor
eating habits and change my lifestyle!

What has been the biggest transformation you have seen in yourself (mindset wise, habit wise, etc)?

I think the biggest transformation I’ve seen in myself is that I
have better portion control. I learned that I can still eat
whatever I want, just in moderation! That’s why this has been so
sustainable for me; I don’t feel like I’m following a conventional

What was a misconception you had before starting Nutrish Mish? In what way has your mindset on food/nutrition/health changed?

I had been to so many nutritionists before Nutrish Mish, so I had
been “yo-yoing” up and down on the scale for years. I never truly
believed that I could get to a healthier weight and maintain it
before Nutrish Mish. Now, I realize that it’s all about finding the
best way to do it for yourself.

What made this time different then other times you have tried to get healthier or lose weight?

This time was the time I finally realized I didn’t have to give up
my favorite foods to lose weight! Instead, I found ways to have
them without feeling guilty.

What advice would you have for someone just starting with Nutrish Mish?

Give yourself time to adjust to the program. I didn’t see results for my first few months and was ready to quit but I’m so happy I stuck with it!!

Favorite Recipe/ NM Product?:

Egg roll in a bowl!!! Quick, healthy,
and easy. But also so good!

Anthing else you would like to add:

Thank you to my nutritionista
Richael for being such a special part of my journey!! Couldn’t have
done this without you!