Congrats to this weeks Transformation star, Donna!

How long have you been coming to Nutrish Mish? What made you start?

1st appointment was 1/16/2019, now on maintenance. Clothes did not fit anymore and I wasn’t liking what I saw and how I felt.

What has been the biggest transformation you have seen in yourself?

My mid-section is much narrower and my waist has shrunk, Clothes that I could not wear fit me great again.  I am also much more conscious of what and how much I eat.

What made this time different then other times you have tried to get healthier or lose weight? 

The other times I always felt like I was dieting and once I reached my goal weight I went back to eating the way I used to.  This was easier than dieting and it taught me lifelong eating habits.

What advice would you have for someone just starting with Nutrish Mish?

 It is worth every penny, what and how you thought you could lose weight is probably incorrect, you will be very surprised to see how the Nutrish Mish program works, no starving yourself or dieting, just learning how to eat properly.

Favorite NM Recipe/Product? 

My favorite are the most easiest with the least amount of ingredients.  The Egg Muffins and the Overnight Oats, and recently I had the Hummus Pita Pizzas which I enjoy for lunch. 

Anything else you would like to add: 

I enjoyed my meetings with Kim, she kept my interested and educated me at the same time.  I liked the tracking and the recipes are great to have.  The website and other information that Kim made me aware of have been great tools.  And the fact that she welcomes texts and emails is so great.

At Nutrish Mish, we help our clients achieve their health goals without OBSESSING over food/weight. If this sounds like something you'd like, fill out the form below and we will contact you for a consult!