Monday- Thursday isn't so bad when it comes to weight loss. Yeah, you have the occasional birthday party at work, or weak vending machine moment, but overall, not too shabby. Then Friday rolls around and all bets are off. The internal - very real- struggle of "I really want to lose weight" and "I really don't want to order the salad" becomes very real. If you avoid the 3 weekend blunders with these solutions you might be able to have a beer and drink it too.

1. Minimize the Damage

Very often we have a different set of eating habits on the weekend vs. the weekday. Think about it like this: If I eat well Monday-Thursday but don't eat as well Friday-Sunday, that is 4 days of good eating, and 3 days of not so good eating, which means maintenance on the scale. BUT if I eat the same way Friday-Sunday during the day as I do during the week, and maybe splurge at dinner, that is only 3 questionable meals, which is equal to one not so great day. Did you follow the math there?
Keep your weekend similar to your weekday up until dinner (or an event), and you will still lose weight that week.

2. Start Off On A Strong Foot

Your first meal is the most important meal of the day- but not if breakfast is a bagel. Starting off with protein will stabilize your blood sugar and keep you feeling full. A great omelette, or protein shake is always a great option

3. Eat Out Smart

You are home, it is dinner time. You sit down to eat, but before you do, you go to the fridge, grab two slices of bread, butter them, eat them, and then eat a full meal. Sound weird? Then don't do it when you are out! One slice of bread from the basket with butter is about 150 calories. If you have two of them and a glass of wine, you consumed about 450 calories before you even started your meal. Picking and choosing your battles carefully when you are out can save you thousands of calories fast!

What challenges do you have on the weekends? Comment below and share with friends!


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