Why you weigh less in the morning.

There is a reason our morning appointments are always full. It is the same reason we have people taking out their stud earrings during our afternoon appointments. It is no secret; you weigh less in the morning! This does not mean you gain fat throughout the day.  Your body has natural fluctuations depending on what you eat! Here are the top 5 reasons morning you is lighter than afternoon you:

  1. I will venture a guess that you are probably not wearing clothes in the privacy of your own home when you get on the scale in the morning. Clothes depending on the season, can weigh 2-4lbs. If you hop on the scale at your doctor's office or local Nutrish Mish, you will always be wearing clothes, so keep that in mind, it is all relative.
  1. At night your body processes what you eat during the day. The weight of some food and drink will be in your system until your body has a chance to do it's clean up during REM sleep. That is another reason you wake up lighter than when you go to sleep.
  1. You breathe heavier at night during sleep which causes you to lose carbon. The carbon loss accounts for a pound or so when you wake up in the AM.
  1. Water also comes out when you breathe as well as when you sweat at night which accounts for a few lbs. as well.
  1. While water can fluctuate throughout the day and night, fat does not. So do not weigh yourself multiple times a day, or even every day. Be patient as true body fat loss takes time. When we are talking about true body fat, it takes just as much effort to put it back on as it does to come off!