Your friends SWEAR by Apple Cider Vinegar. There are claims it to helps everything from weight loss to stomach problems, but after you take a swig, you want to make sure it isn't all hype! 

Let's start with the taste, not super delicious...but, you can mix it into a shake or dilute it in water to help with the potency of the taste. 

The Rumors:

Helps Blood Sugar Control: TRUE

If you are a type two diabetic, or are watching your blood sugar levels, apple cider vinegar. Studies have shown that taking 2 tablespoons of ACV reduced blood sugar levels by 4%

Weight Loss: Ehhhh

Because apple cider vinegar helps in blood sugar control, it will have some impact on weight. There have been some studies conducted that said over the course of 3 months, taking apple cider vinegar helped individuals lose about 2 pounds or so. There are much more impactful tweaks you can make in your diet to help with weight loss. The verdict is, it definitely won't hurt, but don't expect to drop the lbs just from apple cider vinegar alone. 

Increase Energy Levels: FALSE

When people make one change to their diet, they are likely to make other healthier choices, which might explain the energy increase some people report feeling. There aren't any studies backing up that apple cider vinegar has any effect on energy levels right now.

Anti-Bacterial: TRUE

Vinegar kills bacteria and prevents it from multiplying. It might help if you are starting to feel a little sick, or topical bacteria/infection such as warts, or fungus.

Apple cider vinegar definitely has some great health benefits, but it doesn't replace good eating and exercise habits!