Ladies and gentlemen, you asked, we answered! These are some of the most frequently asked nutrition-related questions we receive. All of the Nutrish Mish team individually answered each question, so you get 25 answers in just 5 questions! Take notes....

Question 1:
What is your go-to meal that doesn't require a lot of work?

Michelle: My go to is always a quick protein shake or something like the Chickpea "pasta" Salad with chicken. Easy to assemble, and eaten cold!

Kim: Either chickpea salad because its as easy as dumping canned chickpeas into a bowl with any chopped veggies & seasonings I have, OR a stir fry. I always keep frozen pre-cooked brown rice in my freezer as well as frozen veggies, so I just heat it all in a pan with a protein of choice.

Richael: organic chicken sausage with sautéed spinach. I grill the chicken sausage and the spinach takes two seconds to cook. Sometimes ill mix in some parmasean cheese it makes it creamy

Bari: Veggie burger with a slice of cheese & 100 calorie pack of guacamole

Kellie: It depends on the meal of course, but for breakfast- usually overnight oats with chocolate protein powder! For lunch and dinner, I will make the NM crockpot chicken tacos! So delicious and easy to throw together!

Question 2:
When you're on the go and need to buy a meal / snack out, what is your go-to?

Michelle: 7-11 actually has apples with peanut butter, protein bars, fruit, nuts, and a lot of easy, healthy options!

Kim: If I need a meal out, my go-to place is “Fuel your Body Cafe” in Hicksville, or anywhere else I know that I can get a good quality and filling meal. If I need a snack while out, there’s always a 7-11 somewhere nearby so I usually grab a Quest Bar from there.

Richael: If I need a meal while I'm out I will try to find somewhere that I know I can get a healthy meal. I love supreme blends in commack and islip and natural blends in babylon for healthy protein shakes when I need a meal on the go I love the peanut butter dream shake at natural blends. If I need a snack 711 is my go to and I usually grab a protein bar or a greek yogurt.

Bari: 7-11 for snacks- protein bars, hard boiled eggs or trail mix. Quick meals out I usually look for a Panera or chop't and get a salad with chicken or shrimp, dressing on the side.

Kellie: I always keep a protein bar in the diaper bag now (never know when I'll be hungry!) If am grabbing lunch out I will usually go to Energy Fuel and get a salad with grilled chicken or get a turkey burger with a side of their spinach!

Question 3:
What is your favorite 3pm slump snack?

Michelle: Coffee Protein Shake! 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, ice coffee, natural creamer, and ice in the blender 

Kim: Toast with banana and peanut butter.

Richael: apple with 1 tbsp of PB or NM homemade protein bar

Bari: I love peanut butter on anything- apples, rice cakes, celery

Kellie: My 3pm slump snack is usually a chocolate rice cake with peanut butter!

Question 4:
What is your guilty pleasure?

Michelle: French Fries


Richael: Ice cream!

Bari: ice cream all the way

Kellie: I love making popcorn (olive oil and hot sauce!), but ice cream is my overall guilty pleasure snack...chocolate peanut butter is my favorite.

Question 5:
What's the #1 staple that can always be found in your kitchen?

Michelle: Lemons (I love putting them in water), Nutrish Mish Protein Powder- I am always on the go, so this keeps my energy levels high and weight in check, frozen veggies including lentils/beans so I always have a go-to side dish

Kim: Veggies of any kind. I love them and I make sure to include some with every meal I have at home.

Richael: thin chicken cutlets they cook so quick I always keep some in the fridge and freezer, I also always keep roasted red peppers in my fridge always because i love the flavor they add to salads and sandwiches

Bari: Cedar's balsamic caramelized onion hummus, I'd eat it on cardboard

Kellie: In my kitchen you always find a backup jar of peanut butter (i could eat it all day!!), and in my fridge there is always different flavors of Oikos yogurt! If you couldn't tell I have a little obsession with peanut butter.