On December 1st the Elf on the Shelf comes out to play
You tell your kids he is always watching, And you post pictures everyday
But who is watching you this season During your late-night cookie scandal?
All month long, she is watching: Nutrish Mish on the Mantel!


Nutrish Mish on the Mantel was in the convenience store
She watched customers buy candy and cookies galore! 
She hoped they would make good choices, but usually, they were the worst
She knew she would be seeing them January 1st!

Grocery Store_Fotor

The healthy section of the grocery store, where everything seems right,
Nutrish Mish on the Mantel hangs out here in plain sight!
Organic and fresh foods displayed like art, 
Nutrish Mish got excited and jumped right in the cart!

Tim snack_Fotor

Nutrish Mish was in the living room, she had a little hunch
As she got closer, she could hear a loud crunch
She popped up from behind the sofa ready to attack
Timmy should have know to choose a better snack!


Nutrish Mish on the Mantel thought it would be wise
To get up off the mantel, and get some exercise
She found a group to to play with, she didn't want to be lazy
An elf asking to join your game? These kids definitely thought she was crazy!


Nutrish Mish on the Mantel spotted some pies 
She hid behind them, but you could see her eyes
Everyone avoided them, she was watching their health
Or maybe they thought "that is a strange place to see an elf...."

frozen food_Fotor

Nutrish Mish takes her job seriously
And although it didn't please her
She dealt with the chill
And hid in the freezer


The holidays are stressful, 
But don't resort to eating!
Take your aggressions out at the gym,
And let the bag take the beating!


Timmy wanted a little snack,
But he was starting to catch on
He thought if maybe he sneaked chips, she wouldn't notice
But of course, he was wrong!

candy cane_Fotor

Even the Christmas aisle had sugar galore 
Nutrish Mish on the Mantel let out a roar!
Of course she loved Christmas, but this was insane,
78 grams of sugar in this giant candy cane!


The weather was so warm,
It didn't feel like it was Christmas
Nutrish Mish happily went outside
So she could work on her fitness

Big Gulp_Fotor

Timmy was so thirsty 
But he wasn't very wise
There were 168 grams of sugar
In his big gulp size!

fridge pop_Fotor

If you happen to be craving 
A late night night snack
Nutrish Mish will be waiting in the fridge
To help get you back on track!


Nutrish Mish reads ingredients 
While she hides and waits
This contains hormones, sodium and nitrates!


Nutrish Mish cares about your health,
What you're having for breakfast, and lunch,
You know who doesn't hang on a mantel watching out for your health?
The captain of crunch!


Nutrish Mish loves when you make good choices,
And pass on cookies and cake
To make it a little easier,
Here is 10% off our protein powder shake!


Nutrish Mish on the mantel 
always knows what to expect
Because every Sunday 
she does her elf meal prep!


Nutrish Mish was at the grocery store
To give it a good inspection
She couldn't believe all of the sodium
In the frozen food section!


Nutrish Mish on the Mantel let out a shout
Timmy forgot to meal prep
And now he has to order take out!


Mish on the Mantel has been watching you for a reason
It is tough to eat well during the holiday season!
Before she goes, she just wanted to say 
Have a very happy and HEALTHY holiday!