Michelle is a Long Island based nutritionist who wants to change the way America eats. Her passion for nutrition began at an early age and she quickly spotted the disconnect between how people want to eat, and how they actually eat. By the age of 20, companies were hiring her to design and implement nutrition programs in their facilities. Her unique perspective on food combines biological and psychological needs help each client reach success. Michelle was a recipient of LIBN's Millennial award this year. She regularly speaks  at universities, corporations, radio shows, podcasts- as well as random people in the check-out line- inspiring people to think differently about food, and make real life style changes.

Best Advice to give to someone starting out at Nutrish Mish: Don’t treat this like a diet, come in ready to make lifestyle changes. Quick fixes are smoke and mirrors (trust me if one existed it would be Nutrish Mished out and you would have it already!) Enjoy the ups and downs of the process, aim to improve, not perfect, and before you know it, this will be the LAST time you have to worry about this!

Favorite Food: Sweet potato fries

Favorite Band/Artist: Dave Matthews Band

Favorite Beverage: Water with NM Immunity…and Wine

Work-out: Dance classes of any kind

Describe yourself in a sentence or phrase: Work Hard, Play Hard