Kimberly is a Long Island health nut whose passion for nutrition is rooted in helping people achieve a healthy relationship with food and develop an appreciation for eating healthfully. She studied Psychology and Nutrition at Hofstra University, and received her Master's in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College.  She puts focus on the  psychology behind our eating habits and attitudes, and how people can adjust these factors to achieve optimal wellbeing. Kim is a firm believer that healthy eating must be accompanied with a healthy mind. When we truly care for ourselves and our bodies unconditionally, we can value healthy habits and more easily integrate them into our lives.

Best Advice to give to someone starting out at Nutrish Mish: Ditch the “diet mindset”, whatever your health goals may be, deprivation is not the answer and food is not the enemy. Throughout your journey, lead with self-care in mind, and be open to the learning experience.

Favorite Food: Sweet potatoes

Favorite Band/Artist: Muse

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Work-out: Pilates, barre, & weight lifting

Describe yourself in three words: hardworking, creative, compassionate