Carina Falcon is a highly dedicated recent graduate with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Hofstra University. She is a former competitive dancer and has consequently mastered the art of fueling the body with all of the necessary nutrients to maintain a sufficient energy level. Through her passion for nutrition, she hopes to aid in the transition to a healthy lifestyle, starting with the strong foundation of developing good habits. She understands the complex and often times strenuous relationship that people can have with their daily eating habits; therefore, she strives to relieve the pressures of society and facilitate the process of not only eating healthy, but enjoying it as well.

Best Advice to give someone starting at NutrishMish: Healthy eating is a lifestyle and just as anything else in life, there are bumps in the road. If you are open-minded and ready to face those bumps that will come along the way, you will be able achieve the development of long-term, healthier eating habits.

Favorite Food: Avocado

Favorite Band/Artist: Christina Aguilera

Favorite Beverage: Water

Favorite Workout: Long-distance Running and Weight Lifting

Describe yourself in three words: optimistic, reliable, compassionate