Teens finally have a place to go to learn how to eat well and foster a positive body image. Nutrish Mish teen is one of the first comprehensive nutrition programs specifically designed for teenagers. This program will transform your teen's eating habits and sky rocket their self esteem.

The Program includes:

- Skills your teen needs to make good choices on the go
- Body composition analysis
- Tailor made food plans designed to teach your child how to eat well for life
- Weekly food journal analysis
- Support via text, email or phone when needed
- 12 Week nutrition education covering every topic your teen needs to
make well informed decisions
- Chance to mentor new NM teens upon completion of program


What is a calorie?

A calorie is a way of measuring energy, specifically 1 calorie is the amount of energy to raise 1 liter of water 1 degree Celsius. But you don’t need to know all that, just focus on the energy. It is like the gas in your car, if your car runs out of gas, it isn’t going to run very well, and if you don’t give yourself the energy you need you won’t be running very efficiently either.

Is it all about calories?

No way! There are many aspects to eating healthy. The combination of protein, carbs, and fats important, as is the timing in which you eat. The combinations are outlined in your meal plan as colors. It is important to combine foods that get processed quickly such as carbohydrates with food that get processed slower such as protein and fats. This helps to control blood sugar and keep you feeling full longer. The timing is important too. Like we said, a calorie is just a way of measuring energy. You need the most energy beginning and middle of your day, but most of us tend to eat more at night when we aren’t expending as much. It is important to give our bodies the energy that it needs when it needs it.

What about weight?

Don’t worry about it! The goal is to teach you how to eat and live healthy. Once that happens everything will fall into place! It is important to know everyone has different body types so weight isn’t always a great indicator. For example, people who have more muscle on them will always weigh a little more, but look like they weigh less. Don’t let weight be the focus! Eat well, exercise and take care if yourself and you will be very successful.

Can I go out with friends?

Of course! Eating right doesn’t mean deprivation it means learning to make the right choices everywhere you go. We will go over different options for eating out and fun recipes when you decide to stay in.

What happens if I mess up?

Get right back on track! If you follow the program 90% of the time, you will be in great shape! It isn’t about perfection it is about making healthy eating your norm and the other 10% of the time the exception. Most teens have the opposite approach, they eat quick, processed greasy food most of the time, and the occasional salad is the exception. Not for you! If you get yourself right back on track after a splurge you will be in great shape.

Nutrish Mish Teen

$99.99 per month