Want to know the (not so) secret to losing weight and keeping it off? It's breaking up with dieting and creating LONG-TERM, sustainable habits! We know, we know. You've seen countless before/after photos, it might be getting old by now! BUT, the pictures really only tell a veryyy small part of the story. What's truly remarkable is the MINDSET SHIFT & lifestyle change that Nutrish Mish clients make.

These people you see have:

  • ditched dieting
  • eat foods that they truly enjoy
  • do not deprive themselves of "treats"
  • have a healthy relationship with food
  • have learned HOW to eat for their body type & lifestyle
  • have made their own health a priority
  • have the tools to maintain a healthy weight for life!

Check the strategies that worked for them!


"This program changed my life!  I embarked on this journey July 18, 2016.  I kept telling myself, “Baby steps, Mary!”  I knew trying to make too many changes at once wouldn’t be the right strategy!  I wanted to be successful and knew that it was up to me to ask the questions, do the research, shopping, preparation necessary in order to see results.  So, I took that positive leap and today I must say I will never return to the toxic behavior I was engaging in!  To date I have shed 102 pounds!  I am no longer breathy and feel satisfied after every food selection I make or prepare.  I have become an inspiration and a motivator to those who are in my circle.  I could not have done it without all the encouragement Richael imparted to me throughout my weight loss journey.  She is professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, compassionate and full of a plethora of helpful tips and suggestions." -Mary Myer


"I think the biggest transformation I have made is in my mind set.  I have always had a struggle with body image.  I also have had issues with feeling restricted on a “diet” which led me to over eating or feeling like I couldn’t have something because in my head I deemed it unhealthy or “too high calorie” or “too much fat”.  Yet, on Nutrish Mish, I am eating things I would have never eaten in the past and that I really LOVE (Hello, peanut butter!) I also am in the best shape of my life right now (and I am going to be 40 this year AAAHHH).  I have consistently worked out 4-5 days a week at my local kickboxing studio for 2 ½ years.  I have increased my time working out to 5-7 days a week.  I am not only physically in shape, but mentally my mindset is more positive. I don’t “punish” myself for eating certain foods.  I try to feel good about the decisions I make and move on.  Having a healthy relationship with food has really changed my life!" -Marisa Rodriguez


"I learned to trust the process. I had weeks where I made tons of progress, and others where I went the wrong direction. In the past if I didn't see positive results I would snowball and would never get back on it. A big one is that I never feel restricted here. I know what I can eat and what I can't to see results. The idea of budgeting the "not so nutrishmish approved items" is amazing.  For me it makes meal planning seem fun. The third major difference is I actually learned some of the science behind why some foods are better than other. I always heard "don't eat blank" but never was told why. I feel knowing why certain foods are not good to eat makes me more aware of what I am buying. " -Kimmy Zeramby


"I have always been confident, but through the process I feel my confidence grow further especially as people began to take notice. I really enjoy sharing my success with others with the hope that I can inspire another friend or acquaintance to challenge themselves. I also love that I can see all my efforts in front of the mirror each morning and see my accomplishments of the journey and look great at the beach or the pool." -Andrew Janosick


"The biggest transformation that I have seen in myself is that I am much happier since I have less anxieties about food. This is because I learned what and when is best to eat in terms of incorporating protein, healthy fats and carbs and watching ingredient lists for things like artificial sweeteners. The structure from Nutrish Mish helps me during my busy college schedule to plan ahead for my snacks and meals so I can avoid eating things that won’t be healthy or satisfying. In the past, I have tried  dieting on my own but nothing was sustainable like what I learned with Nutrish Mish. I was able to lose weight while still eating large and healthy meals that gave me more energy and even cleared my skin. Diets I have tried on my own were restrictive in terms of portion size or cutting out entire food groups such as carbohydrates. As someone who works out and always on the run with classes, I have a big appetite and need carbs for energy so the Nutrish Mish plan is satisfying and is something I am happy following for the rest of my life." -Katelyn Carmody


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