Fall means football...and football means beer. Don't worry, you can still Sunday Funday without ruining your week.

If you're watching your weight and want to enjoy some brew, you might want to consider how different beers compare, because the kind you choose can really make a difference. Some beers pack higher calories and carbs than lighter beers, and can really add up depending on how many you drink.

Our recommendation? Whether you are drinking whatever your buddy has stocked in his fridge, or you are a full blown beer snob, you can always mix the regular beers with the lighter options. Follow the math:

The caloric load in beer comes mostly from the alcohol content (7 calories per gram), and the carb content (4 calories per gram). Most IPA beers will cost you about 200 calories. Lighter ones will be about 100. Let's say Jane drinks 6 IPAs, while Jen drinks 2 IPAs and 3 light beers. Jane will have consumed 1200 calories in beer, while Jen will have consumed about 700 calories. Makes a big difference! See how some of these popular beers stack up:

Bud Light: 110 cal, 6.6g carb

Budweiser: 145cal, 10.6g carb

Blue Point Toasted Lager: 175cal, 7g carb

Corona Lite: 99cal, 5g carb

Corona extra: 148 cal, 14g carb

Coors Light: 102 cal, 5g carb

Guinness Draught: 126 cal, 10g carb

Michelob Ultra: 95 cal, 2.6g carb

Miller Lite: 96cal, 3.2g carb

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 176 cal, 14.1g carb