Happy Cinco De Mayo! It's a day for chips, guac, and margaritas! That doesn't mean you need to sit out of the celebration. Follow these tips for a healthy Cinco De Mayo!

The Margarita:

Cinco De Mayo

Full Swap: Have Tequila & Club with Lime instead of a frozen Margarita 

= Savings of 170 calories

Half Swap: Margarita on the Rocks instead of a Frozen Margarita 

= Savings of 100 calories

Pro Tip: Take this after drinking for NO HANGOVER...we wouldn't kid about such a thing!

The Apps:

Cinco De Mayo

Full Swap: Ask for Jicama or Veggies to dip instead of chips (hint: a serving of chips at a Mexican restaurant can run up to 600+ calories because they are sometimes deep fried)

= Savings of 550 calories

Half Swap: Put a handful of chips on your plate and alternate with veggies

= Savings of 400 calories


Cinco De Mayo

Full Swap: Order Fajitas and don't use any of the wrappers instead of a cheese Quesadilla

= Savings of 300 calories

Half Swap: Order Fajitas and use one of the wrappers instead of a Cheese Quesadilla 

= Savings of 200 calories