Welcome back to the Grocery Store Spotlight, your guide to obtaining healthy and quick meals from popular grocery stores with little to no cooking involved. This time, we're featuring FAIRWAY MARKET


If you're new to fairway market, it can be a little scary. The layout of the store is a little bit different and there's a lot going on. So, it can be hard to navigate the store and get in and out quickly. You MIGHT get distracted by the wonderful aromas coming from the fresh coffee bean selection...

If you go STRAIGHT to the back you will find freshly made rotisserie chickens, a perfect main dish for a healthy meal to bring home. There are usually some varieties to choose from as well as a classic rotisserie. 

No cook meal #1: Rotisserie Chicken dinner

After you grab the rotisserie chicken, just head over to the food bar in the middle of the store and choose from any of the healthy hot or cold side dishes for $8.49 per lb. If you have side dish leftovers at home that you can pair with the chicken, then skip the food bar sides.

The options of sides change daily, but there are always healthy options. Stay away from fried foods and look for short, readable ingredients lists! 

What's great is that all of the food bar choices list the ingredients in the dish, therefore you can see exactly what is going on your plate and make informed decisions. 

The average rotisserie chicken will be about 2 pounds, running at about $16, plus the sides at $8.49 per pound. It seems a little on the pricy end, but it IS already cooked and heated so its worth the price. You might wonder "isn't this no better than getting takeout?". Technically this IS takeout, BUT you have the ingredients list available to you so you know exactly what you are eating. 

No cook meal #2: Sausage & peppers

The only "cooking" this recipe involves is heating in one pan and serving.

If you go to the back of the store by the meat/dairy refrigerators, you'll find an abundance of pre-cooked sausage/chicken sausage/tofu sausage.

You will need:
-1 pack chicken sausage ~$6.99
-1 bag frozen peppers & onions ~$2.99
-1 bag frozen spinach or kale (optional) ~$2.99

-Heat a pan over medium heat, throw the frozen veggies in until thawed.
-chop sausages and add to pan, heat and season to taste

Total spent: $12.97
Makes about 2.5 servings
Total per serving: ~$5.18