It's been a crazy week, and on top of that you just remembered you have to find some time to fit in your weekly grocery shopping. If ONLY there was a way you could just have the groceries delivered to your house...

wait a minute...


FreshDirect is an online grocer that delivers to residences and offices in the New York City metropolitan area. Having groceries dropped off to your home is an unfamiliar concept for many people, but it can be extremely convenient, saving you time and money. 

If you've never considered the benefits of online grocery shopping and delivery, we're here to give you the details. Here are just a few of the many perks of FreshDirect:

1. Fresh, Local Quality

FreshDirect employs the "Short Supply Chain". AKA, your food isn't running all over the place before it gets to your table. FreshDirect obtains its products straight from the source (i.e. local farmers), and ships it straight to you. Because of this short supply chain, food is fresher and lasts much longer than a lot of what is on typical grocery store shelves. 


2. Easier to find exactly what you need

FreshDirect makes it easy and fast to find exactly what you need with its search bar and sorting tools. With its convenient website navigation and emphasis on food quality, finding high quality organic foods is easy. Choose from a variety of organic produce, wild caught fish, grass fed beef, and more. 


3. No worrying about "out of stock"

Ever get all the way to the grocery store just to find out a crucial item on your list is out of stock? With FreshDirect, it's all online so there's no wasting your time. 

4. Save your Shopping Lists for even faster shopping!

On your FreshDirect account, you can store your shopping lists for quick reorder in the future and reserve your favorite delivery time to suit your schedule. 

5. Meal Kits for even more convenient meals


FreshDirect also provides "meal kits". Choose from a list of meals and FreshDirect will ship you everything you need, pre-measured and ready to prepare, averaging at around $10 per serving. For the convenience, that's an extremely reasonable price.

You'll also find a variety of prepared ingredients like marinated meats, ready-t0-cook kabobs, baked goods, and party platters. 

6. Know exactly what you are getting

For all prepared foods, FreshDirect provides all the nutritional information - calories, ingredients, allergens - so you know exactly what you are getting. 

7. Shop anytime, anywhere!

As long as you have a computer or internet-yielding device, you can grocery shop anywhere at any time; maybe on your break at work, or while on the train commute home.