We didn't all listen to our mother’s growing up, but Mother Nature really tries to get her point across!  The colors of your fruits and veggies are trying to tell you something, so listen up and stay healthy!

Orange and Yellows - These are called carotenoids and are found in carrots, cantaloupe, peppers, etc. They help with vision problems, support your immune system, and might even help lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. Orange you glad we told you!

Green - Chlorophyll makes fruits and veggies green, and we all know that  thanks to Adam Sandler in Billy Madison circa 1995. Dark leafy greens are  home to pretty much every vitamin and mineral you can think of. They also contain compounds that break down harmful chemicals in our bodies. Green is usually a good indicator that food is packed with vitamin A, C, K, and folate.

White - Garlic, and cauliflower are protectors against cancers and heart disease. Some studies have suggested that white fruits and veggies might also lower your risk for stroke. You can feel good when you are eating your mashed cauliflower knowing  that you are lowing your risk for high cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease.

Purple, Blue, and Red - These are some powerful antioxidants. An antioxidant stops free radical damage in the body. Free radical damage occurs as a byproduct of breathing (oxygen = oxidation), so we all are continually accumulating free radical damage in the body. If nothing stopped this damage, cancers would start to develop. Luckily, these foods act like a super hero and save the day, stopping damage in your cells.