New year, new goals, same you. While there is nothing magical about January 1st that makes your resolutions exponentially more likely to become reality, it is a fitting time to reflect on the year past, and the changes that have taken place in your life. Additionally, it is a good idea to consider where you would like to see yourself at the end of this new year. While that can all seem daunting, especially when you see your goals as so far away, here are some tips that will help you achieve any goal you put your mind to!


Start where you are

You probably have some big, over arching goals that you'd like to achieve this year: for example: start a business, lose weight, get in better shape. Those aren't things you can just put on your to-do list and "do" today. Start thinking of the small initial steps you can take to get there. What can you do TODAY, tomorrow, next month, that will bring you closer to that big goal? You're better off splitting your big goal into small chunks so that they are more manageable and practical for where you are at now. By the end of the year, if you haven't yet reached the goal, you'll be 365 steps closer! For example: I want to get into a regular fitness routine this year. I am currently going to the gym 0 times a week. So, in January, I will start going one time a week. Your daily actions should be in line with the main goal.


Be specific

Where do you want to be a week from now, a month from now, and/or at the end of this year? Lay out the specific changes you want to see that way you have a clear picture of what you need to do this year to get there. After you break your big goal into smaller mini goals, set some deadlines for certain milestones. Specific goal example: I want to lose 30lb by the end of 2018. Now break it down even further. If I want to lose 30lb by the end of the year, that means I have to lose about 2.5lb each month in order to be there by the end of the year (definitely realistic!). This month's goal: lose at least 2.5lb.


Focus on your daily Habits

You've probably heard it 100 times but you're not going to reach your goals overnight. If your expectations are that it will be quick and easy, you will get discouraged and fall off track. But if you focus on one day at a time, and celebrate the small victories that take you even just a centimeter closer to your goal, you WILL get there without a doubt! Now that you have your goals broken down, have a plan of attack: starting now, what do you need to do more of, and what do you need to do less of? Goal for January: eat out no more than once a week, go to the gym at least twice a week. Make sure these plans are realistic for where you are in your journey. 


Share with friends and family / write it down!

Tell your friends and family members about your goals you're setting for yourself. It will make you more committed and you will have the extra accountability from people who you spend your time with. For extra accountability, write down your goals and journal your progress. It will force you to reflect and stay focused on your goals. People who write down their goals are over 70% more likely to achieve them!


Keep standing back up 

It's not a matter of "if" you fall down, it's a matter of "when". And when you do, what makes all the difference is if you get back up and keep pushing forward. You will have times where you want to give up and throw in the towel, but when you do, REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS!

Habit change is a JOURNEY. Aim to improve, not perfect. Even the smallest step forward is worth celebrating, and the steps backward are merely tests of our commitment.