"Michelle has been a momumental person in my life. She has totally changed the way I think about food and use it in my life. I found Michelle when I really needed her. I had been trying to get pregnant for almost two years with no success. I knew I had to lose weight; for me and the child that I wished to conceive. I started working with her and I lost 10 lbs the first week....8 lbs the second, and, it wasn't even hard!!! I actually enjoyed the food I was eating and could feel my body responding and getting healither. I fought through all last summer giving up my favorite foods, but it was worth to see the weight come off me. By August I lost about 45 lbs!!!! My clothes were falling off and we joked about a new wardrobe. September came...and so did a postive pregancy test. Now, even though I did need treatments I knew my body was in prime condition. During my pregnancy passed all sort of gestational diabetes tests. Michelle has been an amazing support through this whole process with her emails, facebook page and text messages. She understands what I need and helps me achieve what I want. She's not only taught me how to take care of my body, but to start good bodily care of my daugther too.
Thanks Michelle...I love you!!"
- Michelle Fermanglich