Can the Sun Make You Skinny?

Need inspiration to literally rise and shine? Morning sunlight exposure may be linked to a healthier BMI.

study published in the Public Library of Science analyzed 54 individuals and their light exposure, as well as eating, sleeping habits during different seasons. The results suggested individuals early birds who caught morning rays had the healthier BMI’s, along with better sleep patterns then those who slept in. While there are a few flaws with this study (self-reported diet logs, low number of participants and only a one week long duration) its great food for thought.

Regardless of the actual impact of morning sunlight and BMI, regular sunlight exposure increases our body’s amount of vitamin D. This allows us to absorb zinc, calcium, iron, phosphate, and magnesium better during certain months. Minerals and vitamins go hand-in-hand and without vitamin D our body won’t use and absorb the above list (which comes from foods we eat) as well.  So go out and bask in the rays, just be careful not to burn!