Tricks for Your Treats
Between skimpy costumes and chocolate galore, Halloween can be pretty damn scary! Follow these tips and choose the best halloween candy!
1. When to Buy:
Not now! Halloween is WEEKS away! Why is it out now? Because candy companies know you will buy it. Trust me, come October 30th, there will still be plenty to purchase, but for now, wait it out. If candy has already creeped into your house, establish a plan. Think of how many pieces you would normally eat over the course of a week, pick a number less then that, and divide it up through out the week, that way you know you have it to look forward to. If you don't have a plan for it, you may grab a piece (or two) every time you walk by!
2. What to Buy:
You don't necessarily have to buy candy. Little toys, temporary tattoos, stickers, or bubbles,are always an inexpensive alternative, better for you and the kids! If you want to go the more traditional route, here are your 5 best bets on the candy front:
- Dum Dum Lollipops- only 20 calories a piece
-Tootsie Rolls- 20 calories a piece as well
- Dark Chocolate kisses- little antioxidant perk
- Peanut M&Ms- they have protein and fiber, just watch your portions!
-Jolly Rancher- 25 calories each and they take a long time to eat!
Careful of fun size...they aren't so fun... packing 75-120 calories a pop. And who can have just one??
3. The Aftermath:
Let's be honest, your kids will forget about the candy by November 3rd, but you will keep it lingering maybe until Easter. Let's get it out of the house! Have your child donate his or her left over candy. Dentists and charities offer incentives occasionally to bring in left over candy. Or, just throw it out, blame it on me.