Protein shakes: you hear them touted as a MUST in any healthy lifestyle regimen, are the entirely necessary? No, they're not necessary, and you can be perfectly healthy without them, but they are a convenient, portable, delicious, and refreshing way to get a nourishing meal in any time of day. To make a truly healthy protein shake, you've gotta know what you're doing. Once you do, the options are unlimited. Here are our expert tips on making the perfect protein shake:


1. Balance matters

In order to make your smoothie a truly filling and healthy meal, you need to include some protein and some healthy fats. Too much fruit can mean too carb-heavy of a shake which will leave you hungry shortly after. Good thing the options are endless for healthy fats and proteins. For proteins, try NutrishMix Protein Powder: chocolate or vanilla, plain greek yogurt, or a plant-based protein like hemp or pea protein.

Don't forget your healthy fats! These are essential for sustained energy. Try hemp seeds, flax seeds, nut butters, or even avocado!

2. Pack in the nutrients!!

If you’re not the biggest fan of EATING your veggies, you can pack them into your flavorful shakes and drink them instead. They will be masked by the flavor of the fruit and protein in your shake, so you won’t taste them. You can pack a LOT of veggies and superfoods into one shake. In addition to veggies, try adding superfoods like cacao, mama, collagen powder, to even turmeric !

3. Ice, Ice baby

One of the keys to making thick and voluminous shakes is ice cubes! Ice adds volume and texture and also makes it extra refreshing after a workout or on a hot day.

4. Use frozen fruit

Frozen fruit has been frozen at peak ripeness, meaning you won’t be disappointed by bland, tasteless fruit. It also adds to the thickness of the shake making for better texture. If you use frozen fruit, you will not need to use as much ice so be sure to adjust to your liking!

5. Choose the right protein powder

If your protein of choice is a protein powder, be careful about the kind you are getting. You want to find one that has 

-no artificial sweeteners

-a short ingredients list

-no added sugar

-no filler ingredients

Our protein powder fits this criteria and has the perfect smooth taste for any smoothie concoction you can think of! Available in chocolate or vanilla.

Need inspiration??

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