"The great thing about working with Michelle is that she understands the psychology of food along with the nutrition.  While I knew what I should be eating, my poor relationship with food sabotaged any efforts I made toward a healthy lifestyle. I've always been that annoying person who loves working out, but I was also a chronic binge eater--always eating healthy on the outside but eating a bag of chips, a pint of ice cream, a sleeve of cookies, and a wedge of cheese in one sitting behind closed doors.  It took awhile--I'm not going to lie--and a lot of repetition from Michelle, saying things I already knew, but had to hear on repeat from someone else, for it to finally sink in.  Although my eating habits are not perfect, they are drastically better than before.  I may not see Michelle as often, but I hear her voice in my head constantly.  There are so many lessons I learned from her, but my biggest accomplishment is that food no longer holds me in such a powerful grip.  If I feel like eating ice cream, I eat it and move on.  I had my first child last year and attribute my healthy pregnancy and easy delivery to the healthy eating habits I established beforehand. One year later, I look and, more importantly feel, better than I did before my pregnancy--something I never would have thought possible before NutrishMish."