Snacks are important! They keep us from getting hangry,our blood sugar stable, and metabolisms revved up! Having some of these snacks handy is your secret weapon to lasting energy and weight loss. Keep these 10 portable high protein snacks around your home, office, and car!


Veggies and hummus is packed with nutrition! Hummus has about 6g of protein per serving, healthy fats, and lots of vitamins and minerals. It is very easy to make, or you can purchase individual cups to keep at work or home.


Who doesn't love some avocado?? You can make your own, or purchase the 100 calorie packs that are available. Keep some in the office and at home.

Freeze Dried Fruit and Nuts

Dehydrated/Freeze dried fruit is different from dried fruit. It is crunchy, portable, and has a long shelf life. Pair with some nuts for a home made trail mix

Greek Yogurt/Cottage Cheese

20 grams of protein, and lots of calcium for your bones! Keep a few in your fridge at home and at work

Protein Shake

Pro Tip: Nutrish Mish makes protein shakes ahead of time and freezes them in shaker bottles or mason jars. She takes one out in the morning and it is defrosted by snack time. Perfect for on the go with 25g of protein and no artificial sweeteners or ingredients!

Peanut Butter

4g of protein and a ton of healthy fats that will keep you full all day! The fats in peanut butter help reduce inflammation, which is the underlying cause of many chronic diseases. 1 Tablespoon on some veggies or Magic Pop is a perfect snack!

String Cheese

Perfect, portable, and yummy! Pair with an apple for a perfect protein, carb combo

Hard Boiled Egg

The egg boasts the highest quality protein around! Don't worry about cholesterol, the cholesterol that you eat doesn't have much impact on the cholesterol that appears on your blood work

Roasted Chickpeas

High in fiber and protein, this is a great portable snack. You can find toasted chickpeas in most grocery stores, or make them yourself. Just rinse one can of chickpeas and coat with olive oil. Then sprinkle with your favorite spices and bake for 40 minutes at 400 degrees. The fiber might help lower cholesterol,and fight type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancers


Tons of vitamins and minerals, and we can't deny they are fun to eat!