It’s the time of year where you might be thinking about how to “reset” in January, how to finally achieve your health, wellness, and/or weight loss goals, yet again. We all know the whole "resolution" thing doesn't usually pan out, but in the spirit of the new year you might be thinking of how to get on a better nutrition/ wellness regimen. With all the options out there, BEFORE you drop a SINGLE CENT on any kind of nutrition or weight loss program, make sure it has the following features.....


 1. Slow and Incremental Changes


Your results will only last as long as your behavior changes last, so you need to make small changes that stick as opposed to drastic changes that you burnout with. More drastic changes DO NOT = more rapid weight loss. Don’t work harder than you have to. If weight loss is the goal, look for, in general, 1 to 2 pounds per week, or 4-8lb a month. This ensures you are losing body fat, and not just water weight or muscle. Any diets that claim you can lose, for example. 15lb a month do not help keep the weight off long term. These diets also may have related health risks such long-term yoyo dieting and gallstones.


2. You actually ENJOY what you are eating / doing - can stick to it more or less forever

If you don’t like how/what you are eating, then you won’t be able to rinse and repeat enough times until it becomes habit. Habit and consistency is the key to sustainable long-term weight loss.

3. Strong support system

You need the right support to back you up and keep you focused on your “why” and how. Having ongoing feedback, monitoring, and support throughout your program will keep you on your path and help you learn every step of the way.


4. A plan in place for long-term success


Hitting your goal or goal weight alone is not enough to guarantee long-term success, you also need a plan in place to help you navigate maintaining that goal.


Lucky for you, Nutrish Mish's tried and true framework has all of these features and more that have helped 10,000+ people lose weight and keep it off. Curious how we can help you with your goals? Fill out the form below and we will contact you!