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Why Nutrish Mish?

“I had been to so many nutritionist before Nutrish Mish, so I had been yo yo dieting up and down on the scale for years. I never truly believed that I could get to a healthier weight and maintain it. Now I realize that it’s all about finding out the best way to do it for yourself.”

Jake Abrams

“My whole office practically started =Nutrish Mish and lost the weight and kept it off. That’s what made me give it a shot and I love it...I can still maintain my weight and enjoy my wine.”


“When I started with Nutrish Mish I thought to myself, ‘Great here is another diet that I’m going to be eating all planned meals, no going out to dinner, no alcoholic beverages on a summer night,’ I was completely wrong…Joining Nutrish Mish has been a life changing experience, I learned so much from Kim and I can’t thank her enough for helping me to reach my goals and teaching me how to eat healthy!!.”