Optimize the Health of your Team,

Optimize the Health of your Company!

Productivity and attitude starts by showing that you care.  By focusing on the health of individual team members you create an atmosphere that is happy, healthy and makes people want to perform. Health starts with nutrition, and nutrition is the single most important factor when determining a persons performance.  Nutish Mish Inc. (NMI) offers a full range of programs designed to make your company a better place to work.

Seminar Series

Choose one, or a package of seminars on any of the

following topics (or request a custom seminar!)

Filled with genuinely interesting information, and tons

of actionable tips.

Your employees will implement what

they learn for the rest of their lives! Each seminar is 1

hour, which can be adjusted to allow for additional


Enrollment in Nutrish Mish's Signature Eat Right Live Right Program

The ultimate gift of health for your employees.

Monthly subscription to our most popular program

that has helped over 10,000 people become healthy


Monthly subscription includes:

- Four 1:1 Virtual Sessions with our Nutritionists

 Weekly 1:1 sessions 

- Eat Right Live Right Program 

Our entire program designed to get your

employees into the ideal eating habits for their

body type, lifestyle, and food preference

- Access to Nutristant

our online client portal with all the tools and resources

your employees need to be successful

-The Nutrish Mish App

to track, get feedback, and ask your nutritionist