Weight Loss
This program has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. Our proven framework masterfully combines the science of nutrition, and the art of eating, so soon, eating right will come just as naturally to you as showering, or brushing your teeth. We show you how to work in your favorite foods (restriction never works), which nutrition philosophy will work best for your body type, lifestyle, & food preference, and how to actually enjoy the process (not just the destination).

What You Get



1:1 weekly appointments with your nutritionista who is a PRO at navigating you through this journey. They can anticipate roadblocks before they pop up, and expertly guide you to becoming your healthiest self.


Your online portal where you will find all the resources you will need. Videos, recipes, tools, basically everything you need for success!


Our app makes tracking food easy (don’t worry- we have a totally different take on tracking) And puts your nutritionista in your pocket for whenever questions pop up.


We have an awesome online community you will instantly feel at home in. We also offer special weekly virtual fitness classes, lives with Michelle, and many other surprises to keep it fun and interesting.

Ongoing Support:

So many ways to stay in our community and receive support even after you reach your goals

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