Foods that Help With Certain Ailments


Nature made the original medicine! That's right, food can help with certain ailments. Check out these foods if you suffer from any of these conditions. But always check with the doctor first!

Disclaimer: These tips are meant to be suggestions; we at Nutrish Mish are not doctors, so please always listen to your doctor. If your doctor is cute and single, feel free to give him our number to further discuss this matter.

Oranges at the first sniffle - Vitamin C in citrus fruit can reduce the length of a cold when it is consumed right away.

Fatty Fish over a period of time - Omega 3’s in fatty fish help to reduce inflammation which reduces cold’s symptoms.

Raw Garlic- When your friend has a cold, the immune boosting powers of garlic helps to reduce the chances of you catching a cold, especially when it is consumed raw.

Beans - The potent power of beans can help any Nutritionista be Queen of the Throne. Consume them on a regular basis to keep your digestive system healthy.

Prunes - The fiber content in dried prunes helps to alleviate constipation by giving your GI Tract a workout. Introduce small bits at a time!

Pears - They help make your stools loose and able to slip right through the intestine for a speedy exit.

Nuts – Create protein/healthy fats in the AM, and around that 3:00 crash time, help keep your energy levels stable. When your blood sugar crashes, so do you, and by adding a handful of almonds to your cereal or PM snack will keep you feeling energetic all day.

Cocoa - Yes, we know we have to twist your arm for this one! Raw chocolate helps to boost energy and improve cognitive function keeping you sharp all day.

Whole Grains - The white stuff spikes and crashes your blood sugar quicker than you can say Wonder. Opt for whole grains to improve energy and keep you feeling full longer.

Maca (most commonly available in powder form) - Instant energy boost!

Cocoa - Crave chocolate around your period? This is probably due to a magnesium deficiency. Kill the cravings with cocoa which can help improve irritability and fatigue.

Kale – Helps to alleviate cramps.

Sunflower seeds – They are high in B6 which has pain reducing properties for migraine and cramps.

Royal Jelly – Made from bees.  Start taking this 3 months before trying to have a baby and it will increase the quality of your eggs.

Maca- It helps the body get everything in order for pregnancy by balancing hormones.

Shellfish – Reduces your chance of miscarriage by strengthening the endometrium lining.

Oysters – Increases sperm count and will give your swimmers Michael Phelps status.

Salmon – Its omega 3 boost helps skin quality.

Tuna – It is high in selenium which helps keep skin elastic and reduces damage.

Shellfish – Helps to treat damaged skin especially after injury.

Vitamin E - Break a capsule open and rub it on a wound after it is closed to prevent scarring.

Carrots - Vitamin A helps skin to age gracefully.

Garlic - Wash some garlic down if you can’t get it up! Garlic increases blood flow for a performance worth a standing ovation.

Calorie Burn - 300 calories burned an hour…just sayin…

Maca - AKA Nature’s Viagra.

Salmon- Reduces inflammation which is what causes high cholesterol.

Beans - The fiber in beans causes you to loose bile, which means your body has to make more of it. The main ingredient in bile is cholesterol, which your body draws from, lowering your blood cholesterol.

Egg yolk - This may not help, but contrariety to popular belief it will not affect your blood cholesterol whatsoever.

Avocado - Reduces LDLs- the bad guys.