Niki Cleary

Blum, Michelle Bios

Niki is a strong counselor who believes living a fulfilling life means taking care of what matters most – your health. Niki graduated from Long Island University with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and a minor in Psychology. Growing up she struggled to find balance, energy, and peace of mind when it came to her health, both mentally and physically. Fixing that meant a lot of trial and error, education, and most of all passion for a better life. Overtime it became second nature to live a healthy lifestyle, and she is ambitious in sharing that wisdom. She is here to help you overcome your obstacles so you can exceed your goals and live the life you deserve.


Best Advice to give to someone starting out at Nutrish Mish:The fact that you are starting in the first place is beautiful, putting your health first is the most important decision you’ll make… So well done! Everything else is about being open minded, practicing what you learn, and remember most of all you are changing your lifestyle…not dieting!

Favorite Food: Indian food

Favorite Band/Artist: Impossible to answer!

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Work-out: Yoga to restore and weight lifting to strengthen

Describe yourself in three words: Philosophical, Trustworthy and Resourceful.